West View

Private Houses
The renovation, conservation and extensive remodelling of a series of disused farm buildings within the Great Ouseburn conservation area. The proposals form a single contemporary dwelling, with a view to preserving the current form and agricultural.
The objective of the conversion and re-use was to retain the buildings for the benefit of future generations with a view to retain all the important and essential characteristics. ArkleBoyce Architects endeavoured to make sure that each building remains substantially unchanged after conversion and should retain their original appearance and character.
Our vision was to design a high quality home that marries old with new. We propose an architecture that respects and compliments the existing, to produce a balance between traditional and contemporary; and to enrich the character of the surrounding area.
Proposals sought to restore the farm buildings to their original form and omit latter architectural additions that detract from the simple architectural language. Any new insertions will be visibly contemporary to avoid creating a pastiche, and maintain clarity in the rich architectural language and history of the site.