Harrowby Lane

The masterplan for Harrowby Lane prioritises a ‘design agenda’ to create a high quality integration of architecture and landscape design which reflect the local area and respects existing residents. The character scene (as illustrated by the FM artwork) embodies this approach with the creation of a new ‘village green’ which creates a strong identity to link the new and existing developments.
The masterplan and landscape design respond sensitively to the site topography and carefully consider its visual impact on the surrounding townscape. Our approach creates the appearance of village streets which have emerged over time to form an attractive character redolent of many of the surrounding villages. A central green spine based on shared-space principles creates a harmonious neighbourhood for residents whilst opening up the site and its elevation for enjoyment by all.
Architecturally the dwellings will have a polite calmness about their design; with proportion and scale key to their appearance. Masonry and the tactile nature of brickwork will be central to the design aesthetic, both at close quarters and for the site as a whole when viewed from a distance. Pitched roofs with primary gable elevations will create interest and formality to the dwellings, especially when viewed as part of the streetscape.